Dancing Fox Cabin- Bellevue Ohio Getaway Gem



Dancing Fox Cabin   * 1751 County Rd 308 * Bellevue, OH 44811 * (418) 602-1009

Tucked away just south of Sandusky (Cedar Point Country) is where you’ll find this secluded gem.

Dancing Fox Cabin was created by owners Janell &  Paul Davenport of  95% re-purposed building materials, furnishings and even the surrounding trees and shrubs are gathered from abandoned fields. With it’s rural setting, simple shed roof style outline, barn wood exterior cladding, interior walls sheathed in white-washed boards, wide-plank pine flooring, rustic hand-made kitchen cabinetry and barn beam framing, you will be enveloped by the subtle feelings of our pioneers, a sense of soothing well-being and one of a simpler life.

Bellevue is a short jaunt from the west-side burbs. This cute cozy rustic cabin has all the modern amenities but with the pioneer charm that their owners have created via an eclectic mix of  antiques, recycled and re-purposed furnishings throughout the settler style, one room (great room) combination living and bedroom accommodating up to 4+ people. The kitchen counter tops and bathroom shower walls are made from antique slate chalkboard! You will feel like you stepped back in time!

The property is surrounded as far as the eye can see by corn fields!  It is so peaceful you can’t believe you are only a few minutes from civilization! 

We took advantage of the solitude, the front porch for sitting in the evenings watching the sunset, the side patio to have our morning coffee and breakfast at; the fire pit/swing area to cook our dinner rustic-like. We wrapped our food in foil pouches and cooked right over the open flames.  It tasted so good.  All the flavors blended together to make a mouth watering dinner.

We also utilized the modern amenities, such as the huge four/six person hot tub.  There was just something about the privacy and solitude of being surrounded by corn fields that you couldn’t help but be relaxed and stress free immediately.

We drove about 15-20 minutes to Norwalk to eat at a real cute farmhouse turned into a restaurant and local winery – D&D Smith Winery.  On Friday evenings they host an all you can eat pasta/salad and bread – n -butter dinner for $5.00 a person. You can buy and drink there wines with your dinner which are $8 to $12 a bottle and are very good. They have seating outdoors along the creek that winds through their property and you can sit out there and relax, sip some wine and play board games if you so desire.  Everyone both staff and local clientele are very friendly.

There are other local things to do in the area that are just a short jaunt away; Historic Lyme Village; Edison’s Birthplace; several speedways; antique stores/markets and a railroad museum and not to mention Cedar Point and African Safari Wildlife Park .

Chris and I spent a long 3 day weekend, arriving on a Thursday evening and not leaving til mid-day Sunday.  After our visit with our charming hosts, we were so utterly relaxed it was unbelievable.  Another discovery of our own hidden sanctuary and again only a short distance from home.

So you see, you don’t have to drive for hours, fly for miles and spend a whole month’s salary to enjoy these hidden gems right in your own back yard!!   A weekend or an extended weekend now and then is all you need to recharge your battery!  

We loved this place so much we make it an annual getaway now 🙂

Hope you were able to feel the peacefulness oozing from my posting and will put this on your locale bucket list of little gems near home to escape to 🙂

Tell the Davenport’s I sent you !

 front porch


Cozy Fireplace in Living Room

Cozy Fireplace in Living Room

Firepit and Swing Patio area

Firepit and Swing Patio area



Quality time with your significant other!


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I don’t have to tell you, my readers, what a fast paced lifestyle we lead.  What with being a taxi mom and driving the kids to one school/sports function after another. Even for those of you who don’t have children to add to the mix – professional careers take up a good deal of our time. Some of us might not be so lucky to have 3 plus weeks off for vacation and down time.

I can’t stress enough – the significance of spending quality time with your significant other!!!  That means no kids, no normal routine, no phones, no TV. Just much needed quiet/reconnecting time with your spouse.

Sounds great and promising and very enticing- sign me up, right???  But what about us on a limited income; and not much vacation time?  Stress no further!  Read my various blog posts that will take you all over the Northeast Ohio area from Toledo to Erie, PA.

All the locales I have discovered are within a 1 to 2 hour drive from Cleveland in all directions.  Because, let’s face it – do we really want to spend a good amount of our downtime trapped in a vehicle??? No! we want to get to our dream destination, startup the relaxation mode and spend as much quality time reconnecting with our special person!

Please read my post entitle “Discover at a fraction of the cost”

Discover at a fraction of the cost


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Are you like me . . . .you’d like to be adventurous and discover new things but just don’t want to pay full price.

  • You’re afraid you might not like the item you purchased
  • It won’t be what you expected
  • What if you have a bad experience and it leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

So, you hesitate on the purchase and end up not experiencing something, only to later find yourself regretting your indecisiveness?

Hesitate no further . . . . I use these event/service savings sites frequently – Groupon; Living Social; and Travel Zoo.       There are others out there but these are my personal favs.

These are the deal saving sites, I use frequently, that allow me to broaden my horizons and discover places and services that I normally would not. Through savings gleaned from these sites, I have been able to discover many gems; not only with places I’ve heard of but new discoveries.  Here in my blog I will be sharing these adventures with you.

groupon.com ; Livingsocial.com; travelzoo.com

Chardon Hideaway


Bass Lake Taverne and Inn
426 South St, Chardon, OH 44024
(440) 285-3100

Tucked away just outside of Chardon’s Square is where you’ll find this secluded gem.
Twelve luxurious rooms provide guests with a relaxing jacuzzi, gas fireplace, in-room mini kitchenette with continental breakfast for two, and balconies providing a spectacular view of the surrounding waterway and 18-hole golf course.
The ambiance is warm and inviting…you’ll definitely want to stay the whole weekend.
Don’t forget to dine in the taverne the food and service are fabulous. The menu boasts a creative flare of fresh local ingredients. There is also a lovely patio to enjoy in the summer.

Ok, having given you the basics – now for the cost savings .. . . .Keep an eye open in Living Social for coupons.  I found this great deal offered by Bass Lake Taverne & Inn – $115.00 for a one night stay in a luxurious king-sized bed and a $50 Bass Lake Taverne restaurant voucher. You could also purchase two living social coupons and use them back to back to making a nice weekend stay!

Chris and I have a very busy schedule with 6 kids.  Four of which live in another state and he travels twice a month to see. So that doesn’t leave us very much alone time.  I am always looking for close to home getaways and/or something new to discover that doesn’t cost too much money nor travel time.  If Chris travels and is away from home two weekends out of the month, why would you feel the need to find a getaway weekend you ask?!  Well, that is where spending uninterrupted quality time and reconnecting come in that i spoke about in an earlier blog post. Even if we did stay home, there are always interruptions and chores looming over your head.  So if I sweep us away every now and then for a nice getaway weekend, it helps us recharge our batteries, enjoy the pampered life and we can appreciate our time together 🙂

Chardon is a short jaunt from downtown Cleveland and only 1 hour drive from the west-side burbs. Even though I lived in Cleveland all my life, I’ve never been to Chardon before!  Nothing really had drawn me to that area.  In come the living social coupons, I love discovering new close to home getaways!  And this Inn was definitely one of them.

The big spacious room was tranquilly decorated, so you immediately felt relaxed upon entering.  The deep relaxing jacuzzi was big enough for two and was incredible. They have an infrared light in the bathroom to keep you nice and warm and shed some mood lighting while you soaked and had a nice glass of wine, procured from a one of many local vineyards in the area. You just forget to pamper yourself at home.  There really isn’t anytime with all the running around and chores to be had. The gas fireplace is cozy and sets the mood for a comfortable low-keyed evening. In the morning we had our coffee and in-room continental breakfast leisurely on our balcony overlooking the waterway. It was so peaceful !!!  I just didn’t want to leave!  

I can’t imagine in the fall once the foliage turns how pretty and breathtaking the scenery will be. There is also a little walking path that winds among some trees on the property. And if you or your spouse are golfers – the 18-hole golf course and club house are only a few feet away!

Hope you were able to feel the tranquility I was trying to emulate through my posting and will put this on your locale bucket list of little gems near home to escape to!